Wednesday, April 22, 2009

F-35 Eglin Airforce Base

My feathers are ruffled. I was born into a military family; my father and grandfather both proudly served in the United States Marine Corp. The sign entering the base in Beaufort, SC states, "The sound you hear, is the sound of freedom." It royally chaps my backside to hear of four lawsuits filed because of the new F-35 being brought to Eglin Air Force Base; and why... because of the noise?! Oh GOOD GRIEF! Pack up your bags and MOVE to a country where you aren't defended.

I thank each and every person that has flown on my behalf, my family's behalf... to protect us and to protect our freedom!

The sound I hear, IS THE SOUND OF FREEDOM!

Proud to be an American


Anonymous said...

I agree! I live in Fort Walton Beach -near Eglin. We heard the
F35 go by and it was not any louder than usual. We had a big sign that was signed by a bunch of Ft. Walton Beach residents that told them that we welcomed them. You would not believe the outrage it has caused! If it weren't for Eglin and Hurlburt - there probably wouln't be a city any more. Please know that there is a just a few people against the arrival of this beautiful plane. Yes, I'm an Air Force Brat and proud of it!


Stacey said...

Thank you for your comment Nicki! I hope you will come back and visit my blog again. LET FREEDOM RING!