Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes....

My friend Robin posted this on on facebook. I like Robin because she shoots it straight, you always know where she is coming from and she isn't afraid to admit when she is wrong or makes a mistake. That's hard to come by these days.

Please take a few minutes, read what she wrote about....the "G" word (gossip) and how her young son put things in perspective.

I love to talk! I was so quiet in middle school & high school that I think it's all coming out in my adult life! I don't ever meet a stranger. I talk to everyone! Herein lies the problem. I came home tonight and Danny (my 13 year old) asked me if I gossip. Never had any use for a liar and I'm not one myself soooo I said yes, unfortunately I do. Most of the time I think that I'm just spouting my opinion. In reality, I should harken back to the old days and just shut up! I asked Danny why he asked that question and he said 'gossip is like standing on your roof with a feather pillow'. I asked him what he meant and he said ' if you cut it open and let the feathers fly in the wind, that is like gossip. Then you have to try to get every feather and put it back in the pillow. You can't. That's what happens to your words. They fly all over and you can never get them back.' Ouch! Out of the mouth of babes. I love when I learn from my kids. I asked him where he heard that and he couldn't remember. Some of my best arguments are those where I have not said one word. I should well remember from growing up how harsh and hurtful words can be. Once they're out there, that's it. You can't take them back. I used to pray this prayer alot - I think it's time to start praying it again!

Lord, keep me from the habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion.Release me from craving to straighten out everybody's affairs.

Keep my mind free from the recital of endless details---give me wings to get to the point. I ask for grace enough to listen to the tales of others' pains.But seal my lips on my own aches and pains---they are increasing, and my love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by.

Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally it is possible that I may be mistaken.Keep me reasonably sweet; I do not want to become a saint--some of them are so hard to live with--but a sour old person is one of the crowning works of the devil.

Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places, and talents in unexpected people.And give me, O Lord, the grace to tell them so.

Make me thoughtful, but not moody; helpful, but not bossy.

With my vast store of wisdom, it seems a pity not to use it all--but Thou knowest, Lord, that I want a few friends at the end.

[Author unknown]

The Lord has alot of work to do with me!

Thanks Robin, for being so real. I love ya friend:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009



Drum Roll Please.......

The winners are:

Day 1: Kenli Adams

Day 2: Marsha Purser

Day 3: Joan Sutton

Day 4: Andrea Schwarting

Day 5: Evelyn Bruntlett

Day 6: Amber Lewis

Day 7: Jenny Bilbrey

Day 8: Sharon Kantura

Now, I will email you in the next day to get your mailing addresses OR, if you would email me at your mailing address, it would help me a lot. Either way, I will package and mail your winnings by the end of this week. If you are local, I will be delivering this week as well. Congratulations and thanks for entering and visiting my blog.

Don't forget, on the 25th of every month I'll be having another give-a-way for Christmas Countdown!

Thanks again ya'll.



Since we have moved into Lucie's house, we have had one thing after another come at us. She loved the idea of down sizing and not being responsible for the house, we loved the idea of more space and great location to our Church and Chris' work.

I can't say whether it was or was not the Lord's will for that particular change to occur, but what I do know is that He has clearly told us it's not the right place for us now. I'm not sure what the purpose was for the last year of our lives, trust Him more...sure, surrender more...probably, I believe I still have a lot of surrendering to do to Him..... making Him my priority, keep failing that one.... oh I could go on.

I resigned from working a few months ago because of some health issues I've been dealing with. While my income was minimal, it bought our groceries.

Our electric bill has been on a steady climb upward since we've been in the house, one time it was actually below $200 at $198.... that was in the winter when we rarely used the heat.... you can imagine the bills we've had during the last few months.

After much prayer on my part, and then talking with Chris and his mother, it seems in the best interest of everyone that she move back in her house. What does that mean for us, downsizing!

I've looked into childcare for Kaitlyn, doesn't pay for itself for me to work right now. Plus, I still have an obligation to Kayla with homeschooling, and then there's Christopher. That's another story!

We've been without a vehicle for two weeks now, maybe longer than that. Strange, I've lost track. I was on my pity pot for a few days, angry and doubting, wondering why.... and while I am slowly, day by day being shown why, I'm really OK with it all. I don't understand the changes, the stripping away of things, but what I do understand is that I serve a Father in Heaven who has a plan for me, a plan that does not bring me harm, but good. I trust that plan. I trust that Father in Heaven. He saved me and brought me out of a pit of drugs and alcohol and hoochiness (I know, that's not a word, but it's the nicest way I could put it!). If I can trust Him for that, I can trust Him to provide for my me and my family (Genesis 50:21 just came to mind...good one.) I can also trust that what we are experiencing is going to grow us in our faith, teach us to trust Him more than we do, and who knows what else.

Thanks to my friend Gail, I have been learning the ECAT System. Yeap. I've been riding the bus! I have to confess to you, every time I drove by a bus stop I felt pity for that person standing there, waiting on public transportation. I felt shame for them. Shame on me. That's why I was so angry and upset and on my pity pot for those days, because I was going to have to "be like them." Who did I think I was? Shame on me. I still have a lot of learning on figuring out this bus system, but I'm OK with that. I've met some pretty nice people on there; imagine that.

So, the search begins for us a place to live. I am purging. I'm getting rid of my junk. I have a lot of junk. I have boxes of papers I have no idea what they even are; and just junk, boxes of pictures that haven't been out in years and frames that never got pictures even put in them; they are going..... all this stuff is just that, "stuff." My prayer is that we will find a place, regardless of its size, that we will be able to have a savings account. I don't care if we have to cram into a two bedroom place (now my kids might disagree with that, but hey....gotta do what you gotta do), it has to be close to the church because of not having a vehicle we need to be able to get to Church on Sunday's. We can ride the bus all the other days. Chris has already been riding a bike (Kayla's) to work and back each day... Good things are going to come from this. And you wanna know what is really strange, this morning, during worship, I was free..... there was no holding back, there was no anger, bitterness..... it's gonna be OK.

I know I've rambled, but I have had so much going on that I've been holding off on sharing.

Don't forget, winners will be announced Monday from the 8 day give-a-way! Are you excited?! I know I am! I've been praying for the winners every day:)

See you then:) Bless you.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Saturday, Day 8, FINAL DAY, Christmas In July Give-A-Way

Today's give-a-way is a hodge podge of fun stuff! I have pictures of everything, except for one! I'm sure my husband can get me the picture of it tomorrow, but I wouldn't dare bother him with it now since it is my lack of planning.... so.... here goes:

Saturday's give-a-way consists of:

2 bottles of Naturals Strawberry & Guava Shower Gel

1 Naturals Conditioning strawberry & Guava Body Spray

1 OnDuty 24 hour clear protection roll-on deodorant
(I swear by this, AVON carries the BEST line of deoderants there is!)

1 Bonus Size (1 liter) AVON's Moisture Therapy Body Lotion
(for extremely dry skin)


a Bible Study by Liz Traylor!

Proverbs for Women
The OTHER 30 Chapters

OK, you should definitely know the drill by now! Leave your name and email address in the comment section to enter; post a link on your fb page to double your chances to win and if you have a blog, post a link on there too triple your chances to win. Email me at or send me a message on fb so I can confirm.

I sure appreciate you all entering and passing along the information. It blesses my heart to be able to bless someone. I've been praying daily for the person that is to win each days give-a-way! I can't wait to see who the Lord has picked! All entries must be received by 5:00 pm central time! I will announce the winners on Monday.


I Can Count!

I just realized I didn't have the correct heading on today's give-a-way, sorry about that folks. Either no one noticed or they did and didn't correct, either way, I'm fessin' up. Today is day 7 and tomorrow is Day 8 (the final day).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday, Day 7, Christmas In July Give-A-Way!

AVON carries not only many 5 star rated products for women, but for men also! Today's give-a-way is for the men in our lives:) Each of these products are rated 5 stars and recommended by 100% of the AVON customers that used these products.

Tomorrow Hair and Body Wash

Tomorrow Roll-on-Antiperspirant Deodorant

Tomorrow After Shave Conditioner

AND for an added bonus I have a book written by my Pastor, Dr. Ted Traylor, Pastor of Olive Baptist Church, "A Compass a Map and a Passport." I believe, based on Biblical principles, it is the man's place to lead his family, subjecting unto the authority of Christ first and foremost. This book will get you started in the right direction for doing that. HOWEVER, it is not just a book for men! It is for every man, woman, child, to teach and point them to Christ.

I know it is easy to get wrapped up in the giving of gifts at Christmas time; I've encouraged it just this past week by having this give-a-way; however, it is my hope and prayer that each person that visits my blog, would know that Jesus loves you, regardless of who you are, where you've been or what you've done, you are precious to Him and He wants to heal your heart. If you have never asked Christ to be your Lord and Savior, or you have walked away from Him, today, this very moment, you can know Him, you can return to Him. Jesus died on a cross for you, for me. Three days later, He overcame death...for you, for me! Hallelujah! The Bible tells us in John 10: 9 & 10 that if we believe in our hearts that Jesus is Lord, and confess it with out mouth that He is Lord, we will be's with your heart that you believe. No one is perfect, don't keep putting off what you know you should do until you get well. That will never happen. The Bible tells us that Jesus came to heal the sick, to bring healing and hope. Receive Him today and celebrate a Christmas this year like none other! Woohoo!

Now, if you have asked Christ to be your Lord and Savior, please let me know. You can leave a comment below and let others rejoice with you, or you can send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you.

Also, to enter the give-a-way, leave your name and email in the comment section. If you have any problems, email me and I'll help you sign in. Also, put a link on facebook. You can double your chance of winning by doing so.

Good luck, and blessings to you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thursday, Day 6, Christmas In July Give-A-Way

I do not know a mom out there that would not LOVE for their little girl to have today's give-a-way! Oh my goodness! It is ADORABLE!!!!! Leigh Pickering is one of the most talented ladies I know! Between hair bows, ribbons, flip flops, you name it, she does it and it just blows my mind! If you haven't figured it out, Leigh is sponsoring today's give-a-way! Take a look at this ADORABLE Christmas Bow!!!!!

Same thing today as yesterday, sign in your name and email in the comment section to enter the give-a-way! Tell your friends about it by posting it on your blog or facebook page, just let me know so I can verify. Also, I just realized what is causing the problems with so many people not being able to get letter verifications on the security part, it's facebook. Yeap. If you are reading this on facebook, go to my blog at instead of through the facebook links. Also, please check out Leigh's website! She has some amazing items! If you still have problems leaving a comment, please feel free to email me at and I will be glad to help out!

Blessings to you,


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesday, Day 5, Christmas In July Give-A-Way!

I have been sitting under the teachings/preachings of Pastor Traylor for almost 11 years. I've heard him preach many sermons. There are some that stand out more than others, but none more than this particular one, "God's Calling To Spiritual Maturity." This eight disc sermon series is based on II Peter 1: 5 - 8.

The following is a list of the sermon titles:

~Calling of Spiritual Maturity - Love
~Calling of Sharing - Brotherly Kindness
~Calling of Submission - Godliness
~Calling of Suffering - Perseverance
~Calling of Service - Self-Control
~Calling of Sanctification - Knowledge
~Calling of Separation - Moral Excellence
~Calling of Salvation - Faith

My husband says, "If you don't win and want to purchase, you can call the church office at 850-476-1932 or email him at The cost is $35.

If you are new to my blog, just leave your name and email address in the comment section. If you have problems with the security letters as others have, please email me at I can add your name to the comment section, but you have to email me so I know there is a problem! Also, you can post a link on your facebook to double your chances of winning! Check back each day through Saturday for more goodies. Winners will be announced on Monday! Woohoo!

Good Luck!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tuesday, Day 4 of Christmas In July Give-A-Way

Today's give-a-way is one of my FAVORITE of AVON's products...FOOT WORKS! Yeah baby! I don't know a woman out there who doesn't love her feet to be pampered! AVON, in my opinion, has the best feet products out there.

Here's what today's give-a-way includes:

1 Exfoliating Bar Soap

Pedi-Peel Pads

Overnight Renewing Foot Cream

Foot & Leg Reviving Lotion

OK, so, if you've been reading my blog at all this week, you know the routine. Leave your name and email in the comment section. I've been told that for some reason blogger is not giving the security letters to enter for comments. If that happens to you, please email me at and I will enter you in manually.

Also, if you post my blog link to your facebook page or on your own blog, it will enter you to win twice, or even three times if you do all three. Just email me and let me know so I can confirm. Feel free to "back" enter for each day as all winners won't be picked until Monday, July 27th.

Good luck!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Monday, Day 3 of Christmas In July Give-A-Way!

Woohoo! I get so excited over being able to bless someone with something for FREE! Regardless whether a person can afford something or not, but to know that I get to play a minuscule part of blessing somebody's life just thrills me!

Today's give-a-way is a 4 session Bible Study, "A Potpourri of Practical Psalms" by Liz Traylor!

To enter in today's give-a-way, simply leave a comment with your name and email address in the comment section. You can also enter Saturday and Sunday's give-a-way by scrolling down and commenting with your information in each section.

Blessings to you this day.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunday, Day 2, Christmas In July Give-A-Way

Today's give-a-way is Mary Kay's number one seller, Oil Free Eye Make-Up Eye Remover, given to you by Leigh Pickering. Thank you, Leigh, for contributing to my week long give-a-ways. You can visit Leigh's website at:

To enter today's give-a-way, leave your name and email address in the comment section. For a double chance to win, post a link on your blog. Email me and let me know you have posted it. You can also leave a link on your fb page to triple your chances to win. Just let me know so I can verify. You can enter daily.

Good luck!

Friday, July 17, 2009

AVON's Liiv Botanicals, Saturday, July 18th Give-A-Way!

Posting a few hours early since tomorrow is a full day. Start adding your name and email address in the comment section any time. Check back Sunday for and awesome eye wash from Mary Kay! Woohoo!!! Merry Christmas!

Eye cream (.5oz)

Hand Cream (2.5oz)

Body Lotion (6.7oz)

Miniature Bath Set

Check Out This Blog Post

Please take a moment to read my Pastor's blog post from today. There will be a sink in the foyer this Sunday for members to contribute to an outrageous water bill the tenants were stuck with because of a lame landlord. Please read here to find out more information. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING, please send your donations to Olive Baptist Church. You might think you don't have extra, and I respect that, but why not give the coins that are found in your washer & dryer, under the couch cushions, in your top drawer. You've been living with it any way, so why not bless someone else?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Updated Christmas In July Give-A-Way List!

Hi friends,

I've updated each day with descriptions and in some cases pictures for the give-a-ways. There are links to web sites so you can research products if you would like. I guess I am going to have to make a post for each day for people to register for the days they want to win certain items. So, every day, starting the 18th, I will make a post/picture of the give-a-way. You can enter each day after that. I think that would make it easier and less confusing, I think...... I've only done one time give-a-ways before, not an entire weeks worth, sorry if I've caused confusion!

Click here for an updated list on the give-a-ways.

PLEASE feel free to enter each day; also, please share this with your friends. There are more ways to enter, just read here.

AVON was just delivered, woohoo!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten!

Hi bloggy friends,
I have not forgotten about the posting of pictures and more detailed descriptions of the Christmas In July Give-A-Way. We are still trying to recuperate from the physical and emotional trauma of yesterday's lightning strike.
Kayla had a very bad night last night. It hit her hard just how fortunate she is, I haven't been able to stop thinking about how fortunate I am that I'm not making funeral plans today.
We just got the phones and computers back up and running. At least one T.V. was smoked up, and some other things, but that's OK. I'll take the loss of a T.V. over the loss of a child any time.
I will work on the posting of pictures for the give-a-way and have them up before Friday. Thanks for your patience and please check back! Remember, the give-a-way starts Saturday and runs through the 25th of July! You can enter daily to enter each day's give-a-way.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Where ever you are right now, stop what you are doing, go tell your kids you love them. I don't care if they are asleep, you go tell them. If they aren't living with you, pick up the phone and call them. If they are somewhere you can't call, write them a note right this minute and put it in the mail!

My house was struck by lightning today. The T.V.'s, computer's...all that stuff can be replaced. It's the 17 year old walking in holding a storm door that we could have lost. There was no signs of a storm, no signs of thunder... just a loud boom and bright flash instantly. She was caught in the conduction (is that the right word?) from the lightning strike. She is OK. She is home resting after being at Sacred Heart for about five hours for observation. Her left side is having muscle spasms/twitching. She is hurting and exhausted. But she is OK. She's alive.

All the other problems, all the other c-r-a-p just doesn't matter

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Christmas In July, Part 2 Correction

The monthly give-a-ways start on the 25th of August, and continue every month till Christmas, NOT the 2nd of each month as state. That correction has been made on the post as well.

Sorry for the confusion.

A Love Song For Me

Yesterday was a really bad day.

When we had to leave our house because of black mold (September '08), we had to leave our dog, Fancy, here. I put plastic up and opened the windows; doing everything I could to keep her from breathing the air that was contaminated. We came back to the house several times a day to play with her and love on her, feed her. A friend let us borrow their pop up camper, so once we got that set up, we were at least "home" and could spend more time with her. Still, with all of our efforts, it was a very stressful situation...for all of us.

Fancy began showing signs of stress, even after we got back in the house. She would snap at people, growl, and even go at them trying to bite them. Eventually that started happening to my younger kids. While most of the time, my kids were probably provoking her, I knew it still wasn't like her. I took her to the vet. She said trauma affects everyone and every animal differently. She said American Eskimo's/Spitz are known to be temperamental anyway, so this probably pushed her over the edge, so to speak. We started giving Fancy her own space, and would usher her away when crowds were coming.... still, she would act out to certain people; even to Christopher, and shockingly, there were times he would just walk in the room and she would go nuts.

This past week my nieces and nephews were here from Indiana. They were all the time. For some reason Fancy didn't take to them very well. I tried keeping them separate as much as I could and wouldn't leave them alone with her intentionally. Yesterday, I had forgotten I had put Fancy out. Hannah went out to play to Bandit, our cat. Within a few minutes I heard the dog going absolutely nuts. She had cornered Hannah in the porch and was jumping on her trying to bite her. I have never been so fearful in my life. That little girl held on to me like I have never had a child hold on to me. She was crying and shaking uncontrollably. I knew, at that very moment, if I hadn't been there things would have been worse than a scare.

I called my vet; they said unfortunately, there was nothing they could do other than medicate her with a daily tranquilizer. Well, folks, I can't afford to get my prescriptions filled half the time, I couldn't justify getting prescriptions filled for my dog. So our only other option was to take her to the pound. I know, I know, gasp... curse me, whatever. I just keep thinking if I hadn't been there how worse it could have been, and seeing the fear on that little girl's face.... oh my gosh it was horrible.

So, here we are, the morning after. I've spent the night crying, wondering if I made the right decision, regretting my decision.... Kayla is broken hearted and just doesn't understand. The little ones miss her too; but I have been reading them "From the Pound to the Palace" by Van of Proverbs 31 Ministry (check out her blog link to the right of this page) and they seem to be OK with it. They miss her, just like I do.

I tell you all this, because this morning when I got up, I had a "love song" waiting on me on my fb page from a friend. She has no idea, no one knows of what occurred yesterday as it happened so fast, so when I listened to the words of this song, I knew, that while I had just said hours before that it seemed like God had left me, that He really is here....through the good times and the bad. I have heard this song before, but never listened to it with my heart. I hope and pray that you will listen to the words of this song with your heart, that you will slow down enough to block everything out.

My friend was used as a messenger of the Lord for me. I'm thankful I have friends that are sensitive to the spirit.

Enjoy the song.

You Are God Alone

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Skin So Soft Bug Guard On The Today Show!

Ya'll have to watch this demonstration that took place on "The Today Show" today!!!! If you are interested in purchasing this product, please shop on my web site at for direct delivery, or if you are local (Pensacola, FL), you can still shop online and click Representative Delivery.


Christmas In July, Part 2

OK, here is the rundown for give-a-ways!

I will have a different give-a-way each day, starting on Saturday, July 18th and ending on Sunday, July 25th (YES, marking the 6 month count down to Christmas! woohoo!!!)

Here is a tentative break down on give-a-ways:

Saturday, July 18th: AVON'S Liiv Botanacle's: Vitalizing eye cream with SPF 15, moistur boosting hand cream, vital body moisturizer, and an assorted bath set.

Sunday, July 19th: Mary Kay's OIL FREE Eye Make-up Remover (Leigh Pickering donated ...thank you Leigh!) Leigh's Mary Kay Web Site is:

Monday, July 20th: Potpourri of Practical Psalms, a Bible Study by Liz Traylor

Tuesday, July 21st: AVON Foot Works: Overnight Renewing Foot Cream, Foot and Leg Reviving Lotion, and Pedi-Peel Pads

Wednesday, July 22nd: God's Calling to Spiritual Maturity, 8 sermon series by Dr. Ted Traylor (this is my all time favorite!)...thanks Pastor!

Thursday, July 23rd: a beautiful hand made hair bow by Bowzart (check out her web site at .... click here to see a picture of the Christmas Bow!

Friday, July 24th: A guy kind of give-a-way! Either men's cologne or something for the grill. (This is still up in the air! I'll know before Friday the 24th. The vegetable grill I ordered is on backorder, so just am not sure what I will do.)

Saturday, July 25th: (woohoo!!!)... AVON's naturals Strawberry and Guava Shower Gel (2) and (1) Strawberry and Gauva Body Spray

I will have pictures posted at the beginning of next week with more detail of each give-a-way. Please pass this information to all your friends. I am praying for the winners already that the Lord will allow the person to win that needs to be blessed that particular day! Just think what great Christmas gifts these items will make, or even birthday's, anniversary's.... or just to keep for yourself!!!

Here is how you will be able to enter; simply leave a comment with your name and email address in the comment section for EACH DAY that you want to enter. If you want to double your chance of winning (have your name in the "pot" two times), add my blog link to a post on your blog. (You will have to email me or comment that you have added it so I can verify.) You can also add a link to your facebook page! Go to your facebook page, under your links type in Send me a message to let me know you have added it so I can verify.

I will announce the winners on Monday morning, the 26th of July. You can enter every day if you would like.

OH, one more thing. Check back on the 25th of each month as I will be having a monthly give-a-way until Christmas!

Thanks for entering and for sharing this with your friends!

Good luck!

Monday, July 6, 2009


As I write the title of this blog, two songs came to my mind, "Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate," and "Celebration" from Kool and the Gang!

Today, Tuesday, July 7th, marks a huge day for me. Today, I celebrate 11 years of sobriety. Eleven years of no drinking, no smoking (of cigarettes or that even what it's still called?); nothing. This time last week, I did not think I was going to make it to 11 years. I had to confess to my husband, my peers, my support group that I was struggling. That was tough, yet comforting, as I know many, many prayers were sent to heaven on my behalf last week. I can honestly say I have no idea how I got through. I went to bed with cravings of a glass of wine, I woke up in the middle of the night with those same cravings. My husband took the van, keys and money to work with him one day as he knew how horribly I was struggling. All I wanted was to be able to relax and have some peace. I actually wanted to die. No, I didn't want to kill myself, but I just wanted to die. I wasn't getting peace in any direction I was turning. Satan was working over time, and my fleshy self played right into it. I was to the point in believing that the only thing that would give me that "peace" was having that glass of wine I so, so wanted... was salivating over. Whew, just typing this makes me not only cringe from the closeness of it, but also still yearn for it. I haven't experienced this in 11 years of sobriety. I'm not saying I haven't had "tough times" in regards to dealing with it, but it never got to this point of desperation. I am having to make a choice, every day, some times moment by moment in my days, to not drink. I haven't had to do that since day one of sobriety when I chose to quit.

So, why now? Good question. One thing keeps coming to my mind. When I first quit drinking, then eventually gave my heart and soul over to the Lord, and began serving in The Most Excellent Way, Eddie Echarri told me something, that for some reason I had forgotten, until recently. Eddie told me, "Stacey, things are goin' good for choo (that's 'you' for anybody that didn't know Eddie Echarri) right now, get your gate up." I didn't know what he meant, so he elaborated. "When you start doing good, and you start giving Jesus glory, Satan gets mad. Be on guard, and be ready, 'cause he is gonna come at choo."

It's amazing how the Lord can use certain things to "trigger" memories. I was driving down Davis Hwy just the other day. Several years ago, across from West Florida Hospital, they put up an iron fence to mark off parking for its employees. Ya'll, I've literally driven past that fence hundreds and thousands of times since it was put up; yet there is was. A vision (I'm a visual learner, the Lord knows this as He made me this way, so He gives me visuals to learn.) of what Eddie Echarri had been telling me all those years ago. When Satan sees me doing what is right, pursuing His (Jesus Christ) excellence, putting away former things, it chaps Satan's back side, and he's gonna come at me and my family with both barrels loaded. Ya'll, if you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that Satan has been on us hard. We have had one obstacle thrown at us after another. I can't imagine what He has in store for us..... I cannot imagine how we would have survived without Christ.....I just can't imagine. I got kind of goose bumpy .... the song "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me just came to mind..... whew.

So, today, to celebrate 11 years of sobriety, in honor and memory of my precious friend, Eddie Echarri, whom I miss more and more every day, I'm gettin' my gate ready; I'm girding my myself with the "Armor of God" and am preparing for battle, now more than ever.

God Bless, and have a fabulous day!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gold Emulsion Is In!

ANEW's Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion - Extra Rich Cream is in! Advanced orders were taken at $24.99. This cream is guaranteed to take 5 years off your age in 14 days! Use this cream, at no charge for 14 days. IF, at the end of those 14 days, you are not satisfied, simply give it back to me. If you like it, pay the $24.99 plus tax. You will not be disappointed. Please email me for more information at

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Broken Record...Sorry:)

Long day today; left at 7:45 to take Chris to work, then to do errands which included grocery shopping at Sam's and Wal-Mart, paid bills, lunch with a friend and chasing a 4 year old around. Christopher actually did really well today. We had an incident while at the Wal-Mart on Creighton Road. LaPage in the Produce Department was a life saver! I told her she earned jewels on her crown in Heaven.... I don't know if she knew what that meant, but she was a jewel today.

I don't want to sound like a broken record player, but I have to tell ya'll just how much I am enjoying selling AVON! AVON offers many, many online courses to train its representatives. I have learned so much! The reason I started selling AVON was not because I was such an avid user of AVON products; in fact, I rarely used any AVON products prior to selling it! But, I had been praying, "Lord, if it is your will that I stay home with my children, then you will show me how I can bring in some extra income." After weeks of praying, looking into AVON and Mary Kay, and Tupperware, I sensed the Lord pulling me towards AVON. The first day I signed up I started studying, asking questions and buying samples. I needed to find what products I wanted to use and liked. I am still trying many items and buying lots of samples, not only for me to try, but to give a way to try building my clientele. One thing I love about selling AVON is my website! I can have customer's from across the world with the click of a button! Isn't that cool? We have free shipping sales ALL THE TIME, so anybody that isn't local can buy products from my online store and get the same benefit of a local rep and at no extra cost! My person web site is If you are reading this, and you have never tried any AVON products, please give it a try! AVON offers a 100% money back guarantee. IF, for any reason, you are not happy with any of our products, you are reimbursed, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Also, AVON's start up cost is very little! For $10 you get a start up kit including campaign magazines, samples, all kind of information... it's great! My website cost is $7.50 every campaign (bi-weekly); BUT with just one online order, I am reimbursed that cost. So far, I have had that fee reimbursed every campaign. If you are interested in earning a little extra money, I would love to share you more information about my AVON experience. You can email me at

I just got off the phone with my sister-in-law. She and her family are coming down a week early. My kids will be thrilled. Sheri's kids will be staying over here at night as space is very limited at Lucie's. Lucie came through the surgery well. Hopefully the surgery will stop the tremors in her hand/arm and the numbness in her feet/toes.

OK, thinking of feeding everybody Saturday is starting to stress me out and I have a house to clean for kids to be here every night. I feel my stress level rising.

More Later.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Christmas In July!

Today starts many goodies on sale to celebrate Christmas in July! Check out my web site at Also, from July 19th through July 25th, I'll be having a daily give-a-way! There have been many great items donated; my Pastor, Ted Traylor has given us several of his sermon series, we have several of his wife's, Mrs. Liz Traylor's speaking/teaching series, we have some of Leo Day's CD's, some Mary Kay products, some Bowzart products and of course, some AVON products! Make sure to check back for a list and description of each item and enter daily to win!

Merry Christmas!