Monday, November 28, 2011

There is Gonna Be A PARTAY!

A dear friend of mine came to serve at Nothing Lost Outreach on Thanksgiving Day.  After one visit, just like so many others, she saw the very Hand of God and she knew she wanted to be a part.

Please read the following invitation she has made to each and every one of you.  It is lengthy, but it is important you read every word.

IF you have a blog, I ask you to please share this post.  Lets take this nation wide, and provide for the men and women on the streets.

On Thanksgiving Day, the City of Pensacola Police Department went through all the camps (in the City), giving them 24 hours to get out or have their belongings burned. 

There are hundreds and hundreds with nothing. 

Here is your invitation and a list of gifts she would like to have . . . .

I will be 50 years old in 50 days! How exciting! 

This time, I'd like to do something different. 

I want presents!!! 

Lots of them!!! 

Since Christmas is coming, I'm sure many of you would like to upgrade some things at your home. If so, I'd like your old bicycles, tents, blankets and clothes. 

Don't forget shoes - work boots are great! 

I'd also like some socks and new underwear - ladies and men's sizes small - large.  NEW PLEASE!

Adult medium size Depends would be cool! 

Jackets and coats would be on my list too.  

I'd also like a few dog kennels - 2 large ones and 2 small ones. 

I would like your paper bags from the grocery store and some storage tubs.

Do you have any shelves that I can have??? 

I would like to have some chain link and posts to build a kennel or two or three.  I'll probably need a few bags of quickcrete for that too. And I'll need whatever it is that you use to connect the chain link to the posts! 

I know that I'm asking a for a lot, but I'm asking for a good reason. 

You may have a lot of this stuff just laying around. 

If you would like to bless me with a few birthday presents, you could drop them by the church where I work - Robin Pitsenbarger, C/O Pine Summit Baptist Church, 2920 Bellview Ave., Pensacola, FL, 32526. 

If you had stuff to mail, you could use the same address. I'm so flexible (call me Gumby!) that I'll come pick it up!

Now let me tell you about my Thanksgiving Day.

I went to Nothing Lost Outreach to serve Thanksgiving dinner to some homeless folks. I met Gunny and Walt there. Gunny needed some new pants, socks and some Depends. He has some health issues and hospice was able to give him a walker. Walt was there looking out for Gunny. I heard later from my friend Stacey that when everything was over and she was going home, she saw Gunny going down the road and he gave his extra food we had given him to another homeless guy on the side of the road.

I also met Jay. He needed some boots and God had let Stacey know she needed to bring them that day even though she didn't know anyone needed them (the exact size).

I went back over there today. I wanted to make sure that Jay got a tent. I had found only 2 at Wal-Mart the other day for $16.88 each.

There was another guy that needed a tent so I decided to run over to the Wal-Mart on 29, which is right around the corner. They didn't have any 2-man tents. The next size up was $34.88.

Did I mention that it's raining outside today? 

My heart was broken. 

I picked up a tarp for $20 and headed to the cashier. 

She had on those silly reindeer antlers. I told her that she was the first thing that made me smile in that store and I needed one. She asked me if I found everything I needed and I told her no, I hadn't found anything that I needed. She asked what I was looking for and I told her. She called over another lady who had them check in the back of the store. She then called the manager over. He went in the back and then called up front for me to go back to the sports section. 

He asked me if the 4-man tents would do - for $16.88! 

He gave me 2 of them for that price!!!!!

I was in tears by that time. You see, it's not just about being able to help someone else out, it's about how often I see Jesus in the people that selflessly help out a stranger

I know some of the things on my list sound strange, like the kennels; BUT, folks can't bring their dogs in. I really don't want them to miss out on hearing the gospel just because they can't bring their dogs. 

Will I be back next Sunday? Yes, my van already has another tent, some blankets, clothes and shoes in it. I can hardly wait!

Now, I know this is a pretty long note but I hope you have taken the time to read it. 

If, by chance, you have some cash left over, I wish that you would keep KlaasKIDS Search Center for Missing & Trafficked Children  on your mind and send them a donation. I have recently gone through some training with them and have more coming up. What a great group of people! You can send donations to: KlaasKIDS, 9260 Cove Ave,Pensacola, FL 32534.

Thank you for making this my best birthday ever! I've learned that it's not all about me, it's all about God!

Love each and every one of you!

NOW!  How is THAT for a life that has been changed by the very HAND OF GOD!

Let's make this the best birthday ever for Robin!

Give Them Jesus

A friend sent this song to me.  As I listened to the words, I thought, "She is singing my heart's prayer!"  Then I realized, she is singing about what Nothing Lost Outreach IS doing!

Praise God!

Give Them Jesus!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time . . . Of The Year!

The Christmas Season is my favorite time of the year.  I love the lights, the decorations, the candles that smell of baked pies and real Christmas Trees and QVC! 

In past years I have started the count down to Christmas on July 25th. 

Christmas shopping has always begun on that day and Black Friday was ALWAYS a huge event for me.

But not this year.

Oh DON'T get me wrong!  It's still my favorite time of the year; but this year, it's different.

There is a remarkable peace between the household, and an understanding amongst my husband and myself, of what really is important.

Last year, my then five year old asked me, point blank to my face, "Is Santa real?"  I looked at her and said, "Yes."  Now,  I know that millions of kids around the world believe in Santa Clause; I know.  I get it.  But it has haunted me on a regular basis that I lied to my daughter.

This year, my son informed me he wanted and I-Pad for Christmas (he's 7!)!  After informing him, "Christopher, you know we can't afford that."  In the most sarcastic voice, he said, "Santa can!"

It broke my heart.

Santa had become more powerful than Jesus. 

While Chris and I both tried hard in years past to make sure both kids knew the REAL reason for Christmas, we still failed.

The commercialism and fantasy world won.

It broke my heart.

After sharing with my husband what Christopher said, we made the tough decision of being honest with the kids about Santa.

I know, I know, many of you are reading this and gasping; and that's OK; but we did what we believed was best for our kids and our life situation.

After telling the kids, Kaitlyn looked at me and said, "You lied to me."

It broke my heart.

Confirmation we made the right decision.

Do I have my Santa's out?  Absolutely.  Do I let the kids watch Christmas movies about Santa?  Absolutely. 

The difference; I can lay my head down at night and know I did what is right by what the Lord was putting on my heart; that I didn't keep lying over and over to my kids; and the focus continues to go back to the Cross. 

Who can argue with that?

Last year we threw out our Christmas tree.  No, we are not bah-humbugs!  It was old and had several branches broken off!  Last year we had no idea we would still be in a rut of unemployment; so we figured we'd get another one.

BUT, this year, the Lord never gave us a peace about getting a new tree.  We couldn't justify buying something like that with so many other life expenses that were necessities.  So, we used a table top tree we had used in years past for Chris' Star Wars and StarTrek Ornaments.

We placed it on top of our electric fireplace and hung our stockins from it!  Doesn't it look GREAT!  I just love it!

We all chimed in over the last two days to decorate.

My dancing ballerina!

This is our last Christmas with my Kayla.  Here she is posing with her rocking horse ornament from her first Christmas in 1992.  Where has time gone? 

Preparing to hang the nail on the tree. . . .

[Image: The Christmas Nail Ornament]
The Christmas Nail poem:

This is The Christmas Nail.
It is to be hung on a sturdy branch,
a branch near the trunk,
a branch that will hold such a spike without being noticed by well-wishers
dropping by to admire one's tinseled tree.
The nail is known only to the home that hangs it.
Understood only by the heart that knows its significance.
It is hung with the thought...that the Christmas tree but foreshadows the Christ-tree
which only He could decorate for us,
ornamented with nails as this.

I put out my Christmas Village :)

The animated characters!

And, of course, the nativity!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanksgiving To Remember

Before I left this morning to head to Nothing Lost Outreach, the Lord sent me back into the house to get a pair of boots.  I continued to argue with the Lord because I have an order for a size 10 boot for someone that needs to be filled for Sunday; but the Lord insisted. 

I asked Him to show me specifically who the shoes were to be for; and that they would say, "I wear a size 10." 

We were not having showers, hair cuts or clothing distributed today; but sensed the need to take a few blankets, clothing, shoes and socks . . . . . just in case.  My thoughts were that the temps were dropping and "you never know."

But God knew.

A man walked up to me today that attended the first time last Sunday.  I figured he was looking for a tent I had told him we'd have for him; but he wasn't.  He asked me, "Do you have any shoes?"  I looked down, he was wearing sandals with socks.  I asked him, "What size do you wear?" (Knowing what he was about to tell me . . . )  "Size 10." 

It only took minutes to retrieve the boots from my car.

"Jay, do they fit?"  (which was a STUPID question!)  "They are a perfect fit.  I can't believe it."  "Jay, God knew you were going to need these shoes.  He had me go back in to the house and get them.  That is how special you are."

With that, he simply nodded in appreciation. 

Jay needs a tent.  I have a big five person tent, but Jay is by himself and needs a small one.  He wouldn't take the bigger one because he didn't want to take from someone else that would need the bigger one.  They are about $20 at Wal-Mart.  If you have one or would like to contribute, please email me at

I mentioned to one of the men (Bill) that participate in NLO regularly and that actually goes into the camps and shares the gospel with the homeless, that I brought a few blankets and coats if anyone approached him with a need.

Bill approached me later and asked if I had two blankets and possibly a sleeping bag for a guy he knows had what "stuff" stolen from him.  I told him I didn't remember bringing a sleeping bag, but I knew I had blankets.

When I opened the trunk of my car to get the two blankets, there was a blue sleeping bag.  I remember putting my hand on it at the house; remember pulling my hand away from it, but have no memory of putting it in the car.  When I got home, I asked Chris and he said it was on the box with the duffle bags, so he assumed I wanted it to go with me.

God knew Jay was going to need those size 10 boots; God knew Bill's friend needed a sleeping bag, blanket, a duffle bag, a pair of socks and a flashlight . . . God knew.

I was in awe today that God allowed me to see His hand.  He could have met those needs a million different way; yet He allowed me to be a part of it, so witness it.  Whew.  It's overwhelming.

God knows the numbers of hair on your head.  He knows what you are dealing with right now.  your grocery list needs and  He knows when your power bill is due.  He knows when where your next meal is coming from.  He knows . . . . your name!

I don't know what your need is; but I know the Lord will provide. 

Matthew 6: 25-34, "Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?  Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011


When the Lord put a clothing ministry on my heart; I had no idea all the "wow" moments He would give me.

As clothing items are donated, there are some that need minor repairs; patches, hem pants, etc.

Only one problem.

I can't sew.

Sure, I can put a button on here and there; but anything else; not gonna happen. While it has been my hearts desire for years to learn, it hasn't been until this new season that the desire became a fire.

I took a sewing machine my mom had given me many, many years ago, to a friends house. She worked and worked and worked until finally all the "goo" (and it was nasty "goo") was gone and the machine was working . . . . well, sorta. One of the bobble thing-a-ma-gigs wasn't winding up something (see, I REALLY have no clue!).  After further investigation, the piece couldn't be repaired.

While I was disappointed that the machine wasn't going to work, I was still excited to watch and learn.

My friend spent several hours on her only day off working on the machine and then teaching me how to make stitches by hand in order to hem pants and make minor repairs.

While sitting at her dining room table, the Lord showed me just what was really happening.

Nothing Lost Outreach was happening.

This woman, took time from her family to help me, in order that I might help someone else through NLO. She didn't have to go to Ensley Baptist and serve; she didn't have to make bags, she didn't have to donate; she was simply serving and doing in the area she has been called to do.

God wants our obedience, not our sacrifice.  :)

With the clothing donations increasing, and my time becoming less and less; God showed me I was going to need help.

If you read a few days back, you know the phobia I have of people coming in my house.

Two days after posting that, I had three different people "pop in."  (Yes, God is definitely taking me to new areas of trust, love, and vulnerability (oh I don't like that word . . . )

So, today, a new friend (just met today) and an old friend came together to help me with all the donations.  I was able to do Christopher's schooling while they worked and worked!  They sorted enough that I will be fill many orders for this Sunday!

Indeed, what He has called us to do, He will equip us to do :)

100 Homeless Bags

Nothing Lost Outreach has set a goal for 100 bags to be distributed to the homeless on Christmas Day.

Each person/family can take us one step closer to our goal!

Items needed for homeless bags:

*Bag (My family is using a Wal-Mart Reusable Bag).
*Fleece Blanket (they go on sale throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas Season!)
*1 Roll of T.P.
*Baby Wipes (Dollar Tree has a 3 pack for $1.00)
*Bottle of Water
*Snack Bag (chips, fruit cups with pop top lid, etc)
*Flashlight (Dollar Tree)
*Batteries (Dollar Tree)
*Hand warmer pack (I saw them at Wal-Mart for $1.47 each at the check out lane.)

Please contact me on fb or via email at if you would like to contribute.

Thank you!


Something I want to share real quick.  Throughout scripture we are told to take care of the poor, the down in out.  In Matthew 25:31-46, we are taught the judgement that will come to those that do not clothe, feed, and give drink to those in need.  What the Lord is revealing to me day in and day out is that the hungry and thirsty, those in need, are you and me.  While society definitely will not agree with me on this, many of the richest people in the world are poorest. 

We are all in need of food, clothing, and drink.

Maybe the Lord doesn't want you serving the homeless. 

Maybe you have been called to serve single mom's; or single dad's; senior citizens . . .  or maybe your family is where God has you serving right now. 

Make a difference in someone's life. 

We are all, every single one of us, are called to clothe, feed and give drink. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coffee . . . . It's A Good Thang!

I spent my morning making my Thanksgiving Day Menu and grocery list before heading out to clean a house today.

While making the list, my husband, who makes my coffee FAITHFULLY; Every.  Single.  Morning.  (that he does NOT drink) announces that I am out of coffee.

I cringe every single time he tells me because I feel so guilty purchasing something that no one else will enjoy.

I finished making my list for Thanksgiving Dinner, without adding the coffee and went to clean the house.

I was actually scheduled to clean this particular house last week, but wasn't feeling 100% and had a crazy schedule, so rescheduled for today.  (You'll see the importance of this in a few.)

When I walked in, there was a note next to my check.  Next to the note was a bag of coffee.

The note read,

I was so excited that the Lord met a need; and without me even asking! 

When I called to thank her, and to explain the events of the morning (making the menu/grocery list); it hit me. . . . . This person, while a dear friend, had no idea I needed coffee.  All she knew was God had put it on her heart to give me the coffee.  What's even more amazing is that IF I  had gone to clean the week before; God probably would have still blessed me with having the coffee, but it would not have been an immediate need!  

While leaving the message of gratitude and how she was used to meet a need; the emotions and tears started. 

In that moment, God sweetly and gently whispered, "I love you." 

THEN the water works REALLY started! 

Have you ever had a squalling moment that you just couldn't control?!  Where you are so touched by the very Hand of God that you just can't control the tears? Where you realized just HOW special you are to the Father?!

That's what happened to me today.

Over the next two hours I spent time laughing, crying, and rejoicing. 

I realized just how much "He loves me."  (And I am sure He loves me more than I think He does; but for me, this moment, it's pretty big!)

The word, "love" became my focus as I continued to clean. 

I started wondering how many times the word love is mentioned in the Bible. 

When I got home, I did a word search. The word love is written in the Bible (based on one search),  697 times in the New International Version.

My favorite love verse is one known by just about anyone, "For God so loved the world (the people) that He gave His only son, that whoever (any one person) believes in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life." 

Do you know that God loves you? 

God has shown His hands of provisions time and time again over the last 15 months.

He showed it to me again today.

I am just in awe, still. 

God cares about the big, the small, the tiny secrets of hearts desires.  If it is important to you, it's important to Him.

After all, as He showed me today, He even cares about my coffee!

Monday, November 14, 2011

More Stinkin' Thinkin'!

Hospitality is NOT my gift.  Go out and serve; absolutely.  But let someone come into my home . . . . I can feel the lump swelling in my throat just thinking about it.

While my hearts desire is to be hospitable and welcome everyone into my "neatly organized home;" it's just not ever gonna happen. 

What makes the anxiety of having someone come into my home worse is going into a home and EVERYTHING is PERFECT, yet they continue to apologize for the mess!  It tells me they would be very critical if they ever came into my home; therefore, I don't and never have liked people coming over, especially unannounced.  Oh my gosh, heart failure!.

Why do we do that anyway?  Apologize for the life God has given us?  I wonder if God ever apologized for the leaves on the ground in the Garden of Eden?

I've always been taught and have taught my children, "If you can't do it right, then don't do it at all."  I've come to the conclusion though, that "that is just stinkin' thinkin'!"

No wonder my house is ALWAYS a mess and NOTHING is ever complete!  I never have time to follow through with that stack of junk mail, unopened bills, coupons, kids school work, speech and occupational therapy for Christopher (and Kaitlyn is starting therapy soon for her sensory as it has heightened into emotional melt downs) and laundry . . . oh my gosh!

Oh my gosh! 

I can sit here and justify all the whys of "why nothing ever gets completed" in my home; but none of them measure up when so many others have done it; and have done it with more children than I have AND are working a full time job! 

I honestly don't know how they do it.

I go into all this because I am beginning to walk through a new journey.  The journey of having people in my home. 

God put a burden on my heart to clothe the homeless through Nothing Lost Outreach.  He confirmed that burden and then provided.  He has provided in such an amazing way, that I need help. 

My husband emptied out a room and put three clothes lines from wall to wall so I could start separating the MANY, MANY donations.  We have a few shelves, but desperately need more.  Because of the Lord providing, we were able to clothe 33 people this past Sunday!

We also brought home ANOTHER car full of donations this past Sunday from another group in Evergreen, AL!  It is so amazing to see the Hand of God! 

I just can't walk in the room . . . . . again!

My prayer last week was, "Lord, I can't do all this.  I was barely maintaining before this, how am I going to do it all.  I need your help." 

A few days later I was approached about a young lady that wants to help sort and organize.

A few days later, another approached, and another. 


Tuesday morning, a woman I have never met, is coming over for me to show her what I've started; to get her insight and schedule her to come once or twice a week for a few hours each time to help me.

So what does that mean to me . . . it means I ate not one but TWO Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cones today; have snapped every one's head off like a twig and got frustrated with my Kaitlyn for having a melt down at the most inconvenient time! 

And . . . .  because it was an inconvenient time, I almost blew it.

She was in my arms crying when I began to pray for her.  I started out angry and frustrated, thinking, "God, I have this woman coming over to my house tomorrow and EVERYTHING IS A WRECK!  I don't have time for this!"

But, God.

As I prayed for "peace and calming" to come over Kaitlyn, peace and calming began to fall upon shoulder.  The tension and anxiety slowly slipped away.

This job of motherhood needed to take precedence over trying to impress someone "with how I just hold it together so good!" 

The house could wait.  The laundry could wait.  The pile of dust bunnies could wait.  My baby girl needed her mommy.

We sat for two hours. 

We are having more and more of these moments of her crying and not knowing why.  She doesn't know why; "I just want you, something's not right." she says.

I became thankful Christopher had a good night tonight, and then thankful again, that for the most part, when Kaitlyn has had bad nights, his have been OK. 

Regardless, everyone is sleeping now.  I have attempted to "pick up" and put things in "stacks" :), swept all the dust bunnies and cat hair up and mopped the floors that haven't been mopped in weeks (no, that is not an exaggeration).  If I am going to get over this phobia of "letting people in," I've got to keep it real.  Right?!

So, if you are reading this between late Monday night and Tuesday at 10:00; please be praying for me. 

Panic sincerely fills my soul when I think of having someone in my home; BUT, God has called me to a mission; and it is a mission that requires me asking for help.

He provided the help, and I have to take that first step in faith that it is gonna be OK. 

Now, I think I'm gonna be sick. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pew Savers

My husband and I went to an earlier church service than our usual 11:00.  We did so because our youngest was singing with the choir at both services.

When I arrived, and went to take a seat.  I noticed one entire pew was filled with hymnals (saving the entire row).

It was 8:00 in the morning, so whoever was saving their seats came in to the worship center, marked their spot (like a dog hikes his leg), then went on their way to class.

After the kids finished one last practice of their songs and their comings and goings, I decided to stay there so I would be able to get a video of Kaitlyn.

As the 9:30 crowd came in, there was frustration as the person that apparently "saved their seats," saved the wrong row.  The row they MEANT to save was the row that myself, my husband and oldest daughter now sat. 

Sour remarks were made.  Me being the cool tempered person I am, refrained from making any negatory comments (yes, you should be proud); however, my frustrations grew.

BUT, what REALLY made me angry, was when two obvious guests came to sit down right behind us, couldn't because the ENTIRE ROW WAS SAVED FOR FOUR PEOPLE!

By now my husband is coaxing me, "Stacey, calm down. It's OK."  Instead of me doing NOTHING, I should have gotten up, put the hymnals away and invited the guests to sit with us.  If I hadn't been so angry, I might have figured that out (see what happens when you get angry; you miss opportunities to be the hand and feet of Jesus!)

My point is, in case my frustrations hasn't explained it, is if we save pews every Sunday, and sit in the EXACT same space EVERY SUNDAY, we will NEVER meet new people!

AND, what is even worse . . . .  What does that say to our guests??!! 

It says, "You are NOT welcome here."

"Lord may I never be so self-centered and interested in 'just me and my space.'  Forgive me for missing the opportunity to welcome our guests.  Forgive my anger and frustrations in just remembering the events of the morning.  Thank you for loving me in spite of my flaws.  Thank you for the people you put in my path that didn't save seats and became friends.  Amen."

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas/AVON Inventory Sale

I have marked down all my naturals products to $1.00. They are mismatched scents and items. The items include shower gels, lotions, sprays, and hand sanitizers.
Skin care marked down to below 75% off (which is WELL below my cost.)

Eye shadows, blue eyeliners, lip sticks and lip glosses marked down to $2.00.

Assorted fragrances are marked down to $5 and $10.00.

Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream ($2.00) have 1.

Moisture Therapy Lotion, $3.00

 Foundations . . . too many to list marked to $4.00

 Skin So Soft Lotions shower gels are $1.00 and $2.00.

IF you are interested in the inventory items, you can email me, call me or make arrangements to come by and look at what I have.

I have had many ask if I will be doing gift baskets again this year; I can not. I picked up that cost last year and simply can not do it this year. HOWEVER, I do have assorted gift bags. If you see an item or items in the book; I will gladly provide a gift bag (not an AVON one, an actually gift bag) and tissue for $1.00.

Walking in Victory,


Friday, November 4, 2011

Let The Healing Begin . . . .

A friend posted this photo on fb this morning; it has had me reflecting on many "things."

One thing I have learned through the last few years is our (my) riches are NOT what is in the bank; or the car(s) that we drive; the houses we live in; the clothes and shoes (or the brands) we wear; or the certain type phone we JUST HAVE TO HAVE; and God forbid we miss our pedicure appointment . . . .

I'm not saying IF you have these things you (or I) are/am bad, I'm saying these THINGS do not define me; BUT what does define me, is WHOSE I am.

I have struggled with self worth because I couldn't do financially or give in abundance as others can.  I found myself asking the Lord, "Lord, what good am I to a church with a measly $4.50 tithe?!" 

I have also lived so many years of my life coveting what others have and struggling with jealousy.  BUT God has brought me through it; to a place that is pretty dang awesome.  "Getting it" is an honor; to know the Lord took the time (and AGAIN . . . it's been years!) to bring me through heart ache, pain, disappointment, anger, jealousy an envy . . . . to be "OK." 

For several years the Lord kept giving me the scripture found in Acts 3:6; and two weeks ago, He hounded it on me so hard that"I FINALLY got it!"

It reads, "But Peter said, "I do not possess silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you: In the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene-- walk!"

What God has given me is more than silver and gold (BUT, obedience comes with every level of income . . . . the Bible doesn't say, "IF you make less than this amount, then you don't have to give . . . nope; not in there!).

For me, though, my faith has also become a faith that comes with "picking up your (my) mat and walk (in service)!  

John 5:8 says, Then Jesus said to him, "Get up! Pick up your mat and walk."   If the lame man had never picked up his mat, and walked, He would have never known Jesus had healed him!

I am truly a blessed woman.

God is moving in our family.  It's scary (if I am to be real) of the unknown; but it is awe-inspiring to see it being revealed.

The Lord gave me a visual, using MY CAT this past week!  He's been angry for two years at us for bringing in another cat.  (This is the one that was so sick we thought he was dying.)  He has had nothing to do with ANY of us for literally two years.  If we picked  him up, he would growl, claw and hiss to get away from us.  He attacked the other cats as well.  He was just an out-right bully.  However, out of the clear blue, three days ago, he started jumping in my lap and loving on me.  We were ALL shocked!  I said to him, "It's about time bandit.  You've had this entire house in an uproar for two years cause you got mad."

The Lord then spoke to my heart and said, "It's about time, Stacey, you've been angry and refusing to forgive for going on THREE years now.  You've had this entire house in an uproar because you refuse to forgive."

Maybe I need to say that again, "It's about time, Stacey, you've been angry and refusing to forgive for going on THREE years now.  You've had this entire house in an uproar because you refuse to forgive."

How could I argue with that.  I couldn't.  No more trying to justify and pass blame, no more regrets, no more praying the Lord would "get me out of this,"

No more. 

It's time.

The next morning, as the cat the Lord used to speak words of life to me jumped in my lap, the Lord told me to pray for my marriage.  Period.  Pray for your marriage.  Don't ask for a way out, don't be angry, stop casting blame, just pray.

In that moment, I took a deep breath and wrote, "Lord I pray for my marriage."

I didn't know what else to pray, so left it at that. 

As I reflected through the last few months of journaling, the Lord showed me how my prayer/journaling time is always for others, for other ministries, families or my kids; but never for my husband or our marriage, never for my heart to heal and begin to move on.  In fact, it was more often that my prayers for our marriage was in bitterness and anger.

In just the last few days, God has begun a work.  "Lord heal my marriage and heal my heart, and let it be OK," has become a daily prayer of mine.

Folks, I couldn't do it.  In fact, I refused to do it.  I wasn't going to budge and that was it.  I tried to justify my anger by saying, "I didn't do anything wrong."  As I type this my heart is filled with tears of awe-ness, that while I didn't know how to forgive; and honestly didn't want it, God did (and does) want me to; and He used a mean, ole' ornery cat to do it.  While I have many "things" to work through, it is a process; and I know with Him in charge of the process, everything is going to be OK.

Well, I didn't intend on getting into all that today.  I knew the Lord was prompting me to write about it.  In my prayer time (just this morning), I wrote, "Lord, when You are ready for me to share, give me the words." I guess He was ready for me to share cause none of THAT had anything to do with what the image above did to my heart!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

The Lord has been speaking to my heart for months now about some changes that are coming.  I don't think He would have taken us to the next phase of service if my heart wasn't right. 

With that, I ask you to please continue to pray for our family and the changes that are coming.

Continuing to Walk in Victory,


Psalm 147:3, "He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds."