Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Lord, Forgive Me Please

This morning I found myself overwhelmed, crabby, and just simply unhappy.  I didn’t get to sleep until after 1 a.m. again, so when my husband woke me at 6:30 I was rather crabbish.  I was complaining about EVERYTHING.  I complained about having to go here and go there, I complained about the cat that was injured and required an appointment to the vet, complained about sick kids, complained I couldn’t get my AVON done, complained about . . . . . well, you get the picture. 

My quiet time  you ask, well, it quickly turned into non-existent with life’s uncertainties and my lack of planning.  Shameful on my part.

Shortly after getting my husband to his destination this morning, the Lord quickly spoke, “Are you not thankful  for what I have done and am yet to do in your life?”  Ouch.  My Lord loves me enough to put me in check.

Today, so today, this very moment, I must thank the Lord for this gorgeous day He gave us.  I am thankful for the day job the Lord gave my husband; I am thankful for the car the Lord provided for my husband to get to that job and that he didn’t have to get on the bus at 5:30 a.m. to get there; I am thankful for a vet that cares enough about our family and our pets that they gave us a discount on this morning’s bill; I am thankful none of my kids go to bed hungry, I am thankful for a roof over my head, the windows open, the cool breeze and the shade; I am thankful for the ten toes I have on my two feet (left feet they are, but nonetheless, very thankful); I am thankful for my fingers that can type without looking and my children, oh how thankful I am that I have three children that do get sick and then get well.  I am thankful for what is so yet to come for I know the Lord will see us through.

Thank you Lord. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Freedom, In A New Perspective!

I've always been a parent that dominates what my children wear (sorry Kayla); with Christopher and Kaitlyn, especially with Christopher's sensory disorder, the Lord has put things in perspective.  So today, for all the mom's and dad's that stress and worry over what our kids are wearing (like I used to), today, my son is wearing brown 3 tone shorts with his Alabama shirt, and while my daughter looks gorgeous, she is wearing a hand me down gorgeous polka-dot sundress with white shoes ... yes, after Labor Day.  And you know what, if feels good letting my kids be comfortable, regardless of who is whispering under their breath! 

This freedom thing, feels pretty good!

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Son

I just got home from my son’s IEP.  All I can say is, “Oh heaven.”  The ‘developmentally delayed’ labeled is being removed from my son.  He is now being given the ‘label’ “Gifted.”  Yeap.  Gifted.  He tested 135 on the nonverbal skills and an overall 130 over all.  He tested 3 1/2 times more than the average score for a kindergartener AND off the chart for another test score!  He will be taken to another school once a week to grow in the gifted area.  Once he reaches the 3rd grade, he will be in the PATS program.  The gentleman that is over the gifted program said he has  NEVER seen a score that high for a kindergartner!

He will continue in speech 4 times a week.  The speculation for his behavior issues is because we still can’t understand exactly what he is trying to say.  Now, that is not to say there aren’t issues, because we know there is, in fact, after Christmas they are testing for the Asperger’s Syndrome to go along with the doctor’s speculation.

Now, if we could just get the right medication in him!

I have more information, but it’s time for me to get the baby girl from her Pre-K and get some errands done.

Just had to brag on my son.


Friday, September 10, 2010

A Child’s Life

I experienced a pain today so deep I wanted to vomit.  I know that is gross, but there is literally no other way to explain it. 

I’ve driven by this particular abortion clinic thousands of times in the last 12 years, but, today it was different.

Yes, there were the normal picketers, but that is not what was different.

What was different, was seeing a white Ford Explorer, sitting at the exit/entrance, waiting on traffic to clear so they could pull out.

In the driver’s seat was a female.  In the passenger’s seat was a female.  She was bent over and crying, holding her stomach.  The very stomach that once held on to a new life. 

Even typing this my heart breaks for her.  I wish I could hug her, love on her; just to give her comfort.

My heart has been heavy all morning. 

This pain intrigued me to research.  What I found just absolutely clutters my mind.

For every second, that’s a second folks, 1.33 abortions are performed.

It is absolutely mind boggling, it’s heart breaking. 

Abortion Statistics

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Rumor Weed

If you’ve never watched Veggie Tale’s, “The Rumor Weed,” I would highly recommend watching it! 

This morning, with my husband’s permission, I am sharing. 

I am weary of having to explain this certain situation each time someone asks.  Explaining it over and over is like a dagger in my heart every time I have to tell someone.  

Due to some poor decisions on my husband’s part, his employment was terminated two weeks ago today.  It is none of anyone’s business as to why.  I am hurt to hear of speculations from friends, and catching wind of gossip that has already spread through “friends.”  Please, if you have any questions, call and talk to us.  Asking someone what happened and why is  merely a way to gossip.  If you want to know what we need, our phone number is (850) 292-3010 and our email is  If you want to know how to pray, just pray!  My God knows the big picture an He knows what He is doing.  There is no doubt in my mind about that.  Besides, if my God, who is the God of the universe (which I know He is), can form man from the dust of the earth, I think He knows what we need.

This brings me to my second frustration.  My Pastor, my friend, has done NOTHING wrong.  I do not want to hear another word of bad towards him.  There is a thing called consequences of sin.  It’s mentioned all through the Bible.  Stop blaming my Pastor, Chris’ Pastor, for this decision.  Chris takes full responsibility for his actions.  There is no doubt in my mind that good will come from and through this.  My Lord, My Jesus, My Savoir, He sees and knows the big picture. 

Please, please, stop speculating, stop harboring, and show forgiveness to my husband.  PLEASE reach out to him, encourage him, love on him, disciple him.  Please.  All it takes is a phone call, or a card, or stop by and hug his neck.

Chris has applied for numerous jobs.  He is considering going to PJC, I mean PSC, for some graphic design classes/IT classes/photography.  If you have ever seen his work, then you know he is truly naturally gifted with designing things and taking pictures.

I’ve spoken with Social Ministries at our church and am going to be taking the Compu-Care Class.  My Administrative skills are way out of date.  Until then, I am making Chicken and Beef Pot Pies, Lasagna’s, Spanish Delight’s, Enchilada Casseroles and whatever cooking I can do to make ends meet. 

Now, for those who have emailed or asked me about my weight loss journey, it’s stunk!  My last weigh in which was Friday I had gained 1 1/2 pounds.  These last two weeks I have stuffed and gorged and stuff and gorged.  The only thing I haven’t done wrong was continuing with my unsweet tea and water.  I am giving it, no, I am leaning on my Lord to help me, to strengthen me, empower me, encourage me to do what I know I need to do to get this weight off of me.  I will no longer be weighing in through WW as paying $13 a week is not an option anymore.  Besides, I know what to do, I just have to get my heart back on track.

Please be praying for family as we grow, not only closer with the Lord, but as a family.



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stacey Paden Avon – Facebook Give-A-Way!

I’m hosting a give-a-way on facebook.  Yeap, visit me at Stacey Paden Avon, become a ‘fan’ or ‘like’ on my page, then type your name in the comment section.  Make sure to leave a contact number or email address for me to contact you if you are the winner.

Christmas is fast approaching, so I hope this helps someone with their Christmas shopping!

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