Monday, February 16, 2009


Some people think I'm crazy when I see "the little things." Today, I saw the Hand of God, in coffee. I ran into a friend at my favorite store...Wally-world! I noticed she had two different kinds of Community Coffee in her basket and commented that I drink Community Coffee but had never tried what she had and was simply inquiring about it. Out of the blue, she hands me two coupons for $2.00 each. She gave me her coupons, took her coffee back and I got what I drink. Winn Dixie had the coffee on sale for $3.99. Not only did I get the discount price at $3.99 because Wal-Mart price matches, I got $2.00 each off! Yeap, I got Community Coffee for $1.99 a bag! Now, if the Lord can show himself in Wal-Mart over a bag of coffee, I know He can show Himself in every other way that we need to cut back! Thank you Lord and thank you Debbie for being used as confirmation! I love ya:)

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